When I first discovered cell phone spy software it was because someone had installed it on my phone without my knowledge. I was horrified and shocked on a number of fronts. I had no idea that the software even existed let alone just how powerful it is. Obviously I wondered why anyone would target me and was gutted to find out that someone I knew very well.

I started to dig around and try to learn a bit about the software, mainly to find out how to get rid of it and protect myself in the future. I also questioned how this could actually be legal and how companies can sell it to anyone. When you search online you will find spy software advertised in all sorts of ways claiming how it can be used. Headlines like catch a cheating spouse or find out the truth are common and misleading.
Spy software is actually legal both to sell and to use - but with certain important conditions. The software companies protect themselves with disclaimers, usually tucked away at the bottom of their website. If you read a couple of these it becomes clear the conditions under which using spy software can be legal, regardless of what the headlines may say. By publishing the disclaimer the company is clearly putting the onus on the customer to use it in legal ways and so safeguard themselves from legal action.

Firstly you must own or have legal authority over the cell phone you intend to monitor or spy on. It must be owned by you and you pay the bill. You can legally install it on your child's cell phone if they are under the age of consent (with or without their knowledge) - which is actually one of the best uses for cell phone spy software today.

It can also be used on cell phones supplied and paid for by a company but again with certain conditions. For employee monitoring the employee needs to be notified that the company cell phone is being monitored at all times. You cannot secretly install the software, within the law, on any adult’s cell phone.

So when you read these articles or headlines claiming that you can spy on anyone and catch a cheating partner, just be aware that to do so would be breaking the law. Of course the companies know that many people will ignore their disclaimers and carry on regardless. Human nature is a weird thing and many people seem to think its fine spy on others' and invade their privacy.

Because of unethical marketing and people flouting the law, cell phone spy software has quite a bad reputation.

After learning about this type of software I have seen some of the benefits that it can bring if used in a responsible way. There are great security features which can help protect your own phone. It can also be a very effective way of managing company cell phones or helping to protect your children as they use their smart phones.

Keep within the law and learn about some of the positive ways to use software and you will find it can be very beneficial. Using it illegally will break many privacy laws which in many countries is viewed as a very serious offence so take care.



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