Who hasn't got a cell phone today? It seems like everyone from the very young to the very old has their own cell phone. Today the biggest development has been the introduction of the Smartphone which is transforming how we view and use cell phones.

Modern smart phones are so much more than just phones. They are basically small computers enabling us to access the Internet, download files, listen to music and watch videos. You can almost do as much on a smart phone as you can on your home PC. The benefits are a fantastic in today's busy lives. But there can be a downside.

So much of our daily lives now goes through or cell phones. We have come to depend on them so much - anyone who has lost their cell phone will get this point. There is the inconvenience of losing all of the information we keep on our phones but there are also security concerns. Think about the information stored on your phone and how you would feel if someone else got access to this.
Online passwords, banking details and personal information are just a few things which may give cause for concern. Unfortunately, some people are actively targeting this information and they're using technology to do so.

The rise of the Smartphone has also seen the rise of cell phone spy software programs. This spy software is incredibly powerful, easy-to-use and relatively cheap. If you use a smart phone you really need to understand just what mobile spy software is capable of. Go have a look at The Spy Software Guide for some detailed information about what can be monitored.

With a bit of research you will soon find that it does so much more than just read your text messages. Some of the programs can actually record any calls made or received by the target phone or even record the cell phone surroundings - acting like a bug!

If someone installs cell phone spy software on your phone they get right inside phone and can view virtually everything contained on it. They can check what websites you have when browsing and in some cases get access to your online passwords. GPS tracking is another feature which means they can easily track you and your cell phone in real-time.

When I first learned about this type of spy software I was amazed at just how powerful and freely available it is. It is quite frightening to think that someone can spy on you to such an extent. I thoroughly recommend that you do some research yourself to become familiar with just what the software is capable of. You need to know what you're up against.

You Can Protect Your Phone

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and fight back against cell phone spy software. One of the best ways to protect yourself is also one of the easiest and is free.
Cell phone spy software needs to be directly installed onto your cell phone. To do this the person needs to have access to your phone - physically! Don't believe what you read about programs being installed remotely as this is not possible.

The first obvious step is to not let anyone have access to your phone at any time. The next, is to have a good secure password lock. Every smart phone model has this feature built-in and yet so many people fail to password protect their phone. There are even some free apps which can help generate secure passwords that no one will guess. It seems so simple, but this is the best way to secure your cell phone from spy software.

Of course you could also go down the route of using technology. Good anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are available for cell phones. These can add extra security if you feel you are under threat. You can even keep one step ahead and install spy software on your own phone. This is not as strange as it first sounds. With spy phone software installed on your own phone you're actually securing it further. You can also take advantage some of the advanced security features such as having the ability to lock the phone remotely or track it if it is stolen.

For most people simply using a good password and keeping your phone secure will be enough. But the important thing is to be aware of the existence of cell phone spy software and know just how freely available it is. Don't be a victim; take the necessary steps to protect your cell phone.

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